Instructional Experience

Lee has a BE in Elementary Education, an MST in Elementary Education, and a Ph.D. in Instructional Development and Technology. He was a professor at the University of Florida for 28 years and retired from UF in 2006. While at UF, he was recognized as the College of Education Teacher of the Year in 1994.

Part of being a professional clown involves participating in clown organizations. Lee is a Past President and former Education Director of the World Clown Association (WCA) He is also a Past President, Education Director, Competition Director, and Newsletter Editor of the South East Clown Association (SECA). He is also a member of Clowns of America International (COAI). He also is a Past President of the Gainesville Sunshine Clowns and was awarded the first Lifetime Membership. Lee was awarded the WCA Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2014 World Clown Association Convention in Northbrook, IL.

He is a prolific writer of clown articles and books. He has published three clown books, Comedy Juggling Routines, Theme Show Routines for Clowns , and Clown Character Drawing and he has written more than 150 articles on clowning that have appeared in Clowning Around, a WCA magazine, The New Calliope, a COAI magazine and The Giggle Gazette, the SECA newsletter.

Lee has taught classes for clown alleys, organizations, and Clown Camp. He had been on the Clown Camp staff since 1990 and had been the Assistant Director of Clown Camp from 1995 to 2009, when it ended. He has been a featured speaker at the World Clown Association, the South East Clown Association, Clowns Of America International, and numerous local and regional organizations. He has also taught clown classes in England, Singapore, Malaysia, and Japan. Lee has received positive feedback from those who have taken classes from him. If you are interested in having Lee lecture to your group, please contact him for rates and availability.

Lee, seriously thinks about what needs to be taught and designs his classes to cover the essential content. He then presents the content in a very meaningful and humorous manner.


Lee, aka Juggles, has taught the following classes:

Class Descriptions

Balloon Hats-The Basics: A rationale for using balloon hats will be provided to the participants. Participants will see how various balloon hats are made and they will go through the steps to create each of the balloon hats.

Beginning Balloon Sculpturing: Participants will learn inflation techniques and basic knots, bubbles, twists, and folds for creating simple one balloon sculptures. Participants will be required to bring their own balloons and methods of inflation to this session.

Birthday Party Clowning: This session will address the essential elements of birthday party clowning; including the entry, opening routines, recognition of the birthday child, birthday show routines, and the closing.

Birthday Party Greetings: Clowns can provide a special greeting for the birthday child in a variety of ways. This session will present a number of ways to recognize the birthday child at a birthday party show, many of which can be used as a give away to the birthday child.

The Business of Clowning - Record Keeping: This session will cover the different types of records that clowns could keep and the reasons for keeping them. Participants will be exposed to different methods for keeping their records.

The Caring Clown: This presentation will focus on the role of the caring clown, the venues for caring clowns and the props that could be used by caring clowns.

Clown Character Development: This session will enable the participant to explore his/her clown character. The participant will be expected to engage in participatory activities designed to identify one's character.

Clown Character Drawing - An Alternative to Balloons: This demonstration/hands-on session will illustrate how simple lines and shapes can be used for drawing clown characters. Participants will be repeating the steps and shapes demonstrated by the instructor.

Comedy Juggling: This presentation/demonstration will focus on four techniques that can be used to juggle in a humorous manner. The session will stress how to produce laughter beyond merely dropping juggling objects. Participants will also be shown how to make some of the juggling props used in the session.

Comedy Magic: This presentation/demonstration will focus on how to use magic in a comedic manner. The session will stress how actions and the patter used in performing the magic can promote laughter.

Creating Theme Shows: An approach for brainstorming theme ideas will be presented and illustrated. Participants will view how a theme show can be created using clown skills that currently exist.

Developing and Performing Skits: Participants will be exposed to what constitutes a skit, some resources for skits, the basic three elements of a skit, and items that should be considered when developing and performing skits.

Hocus Pocus or Science?: This presentation/demonstration will show how a clown can perform an instructional school show that is based on science concepts.

Hospital and Nursing Home Clowning: This session will explore the similarities and differences in these caring clowning settings and the types of entertainment that might be appropriate will be demonstrated.

Keep it Up - Juggling Basics: This hands-on session will teach participants the basic three ball cascade juggling pattern. Participants will have an opportunity to perform each of the steps as they are demonstrated so participants should bring juggling objects to this class.

Makeup Techniques: Attendees will view a demonstration on makeup procedures and participants will be able to ask questions during the demonstration. Participants will receive advice and hands-on assistance as they apply their own clown face. Participants must bring their own makeup to this session.

Meet and Greet Props & Gags: This session will describe differences between meet and greet clowning and parade clowning. The session will focus on a variety of meet and greet props and how they could be used and where they can be used.

Pocket Magic: This session will enable participants to see different types of magic that can be carried in a clown’s wardrobe, specifically in one’s pocket. A discussion on selecting magic props based on one’s skill level and creating patter or a storyline to be used with magic will take place. The magic effects that will be presented could be used in a variety of walkaround venues, including hospitals, retirement centers, picnics, banquets, block parties, or even birthday parties. Various magic items will be demonstrated and explained.

Pocket Magic for the Caring Clown: Participants will be exposed to factors that need to be considered when using pocket magic in caring clowning venues. Various pocket magic examples will be demonstrated to reinforce those factors. Participants will see how each of the pocket magic examples are performed.

Promoting Your Clowning: This session will present a variety of techniques for promoting your clowning. The techniques will include commercial resources as well as those that could be easily produced.

Props for Stage Shows: This session will focus on how stage props can establish a mind set for a stage show and how the props can be used in the performance. Participants will see how props can be modified to fit different performances. The production of the stage show props will also take place during this session. Participants will be asked to indicate what other types of props could be used for a given stage show.

Storytelling with Balloons: This presentation/demonstration will illustrate how clowns can use their balloon sculpturing skills to tell a story. This would be appropriate for those who would like to do library or school shows.

Walkaround or Parade Gags: This session will consist of a presentation on the differences between walkaround gags and parade props, the characteristics of walkaround props, and a demonstration of various types of walkaround props.

What Does this Prop Do?: Props that can be used in a variety of sttings will be demonstrated and the reasons for using the props will be discussed. Participants will explain some basic characteristics of useful props. The participants will be shown props and asked how the props could be used.

Feedback from Participants

"I'm one of your Elderhostelers who thoroughly appreciated your efforts in making our experience such a wonderful one. As I tried to say on our last night, your compassion, endurance and patience with us certainly embodies the Caring Clown." . . . Anon, Univ. of Wisconsin at La Crosse, WI

"I have learned so much from watching you and the way you clown, and I'm not talking just from your classes. I think we find the true worth of a clown when they are with a little child-or old person-when no one else is watching (or so they think) You are the type of clown that all of us strive to be--an inspiration for all." . . . P.F. Stuart, FL

"I have definitely benefited from the classes you've taught at Clown Camp. I also appreciate your friendliness, patience, and approachability!" . . . B.L. Normal, IL

"I just wanted to thank you for all you added to Clown In Illinois. Many who had never met you were duly impressed with your clowning expertise and quality professionalism, but they were more impressed with your clown heart. Words like friendly, kind, considerate, helpful, caring, real nice guy, preceded and followed the name Juggles in every conversation. You truly do have a "clown heart" and your love for our craft and for people shines through. I am fortunate to have sat and learned from you at Clown Camp these past few years, for I have learned much more than just tricks--I have learned clowning at it's best, and made a friend. Thank you." . . . R.E. Metamora, IL

"I am very happy to have been able to meet and spend some time with someone that cares about clowning and helping others like you do." . . . P.S. Brick, NJ

"You did an excellent job at Canada Clown Camp. You are so funny. I'll be laughing forever. What a clown!" . . . N.R., Milwaukee, WI

"Thank you very much for teaching me how to juggle so much better. During those two classes that you taught on juggling, I learned more than I have in my past year of practicing." . . . R.C., Calgary, Alberta

"He [Lee} is very knowledgeable and enthusiastic, a fantastic instructor. A true clown who shares his ideas and listens to yours. He is so wonderfully personable; very approachable. He keeps his sessions simple, superb. Lee is my favorite-a gracious gentleman, fine teacher, and very kind, gentle, funny, and extremely protective of children. Lee is an excellent role model for what a clown should be. He demonstrated thinking on one's feet on numerous occasions and how important this is. He is a caring, talented man who is willing to share his abilities with all.". . . Anon., Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

"I wanted to thank you again for your classes I attended this year at Clown Camp. I really enjoyed them. The one day workshop was great. You are a great teacher." . . . J. R. Tinley Park, IL

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